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Trillo (Andrés Trillo. 1988) is an artist/maker based in Leeds Birmingham Lisbon Valladolid.
Trillo hates doesn't really like writing about himself in third person, or using extra-fancy words that he barely understands.

I create installations and visual interventions in public spaces, often interacting with the observer as an essential part of the artwork.
My aim is to blur the line between art and technology, design and coding, sculpture and architecture, trying to generate memorable experiences and hopefully some thoughts on the way.

I like making site-specific work in outdoor areas, creating bonds with the community, granting people free and unlimited access to my pieces and inviting everyone to become part of them. I also use galleries, exhibitions and private commissions to showcase past and ongoing public projects, taking the opportunity to create something that wouldn't be possible on the streets.

Sometimes my work speaks about human relationships, how we interact with each other and with our everyday surroundings. Sometimes it speaks about Nature, history, knowledge, or the lack of it. Sometimes it just doesn't speak about any of the above.

Artist Network Member